If you’ve always dreamed of straighter teeth but have been put off by metal wires and the lengthy treatment time traditional orthodontics takes, Lister House Dental Centre has the solution for you.

Our Harlow dental professionals use short-term orthodontic techniques which are ideal for patients who require a fast solution to tooth realignment. These advanced techniques involve using discreet tooth-coloured brackets and wires or clear plastic aligners to gently and comfortably move misaligned teeth into the desired position. Read on to discover the orthodontic appliance that our dental experts can use to straighten your smile in the new year.

Invisalign® treatment in Essex

Invisalign® clear aligners are a very popular system of orthodontics because the appliance is so discreet, no one would know you are wearing them. This system works by using a series of clear and removable plastic acrylic aligners that are virtually invisible. These aligners are custom-made for your teeth and based upon dental impressions taken by your Lister House dentist at the initial orthodontic consultation. The aligner is worn for approximately 1-week after which you’ll progress to the next set of aligners made to encourage your teeth to move further. This gradual encouragement of movement will gently and comfortably coax your teeth into their new, straighter position.

Check out our most recent Invisalign® patient transformation

Before smile makeover showing staining on the front teeth of patient
After smile makeover picture showing smiling mouth with bright, white teeth

Six Month Smiles® orthodontics

The Six Month Smiles® appliance is a unique brace system that uses clear brackets to gently align specifically the teeth that show when you smile – and all in six months! This approach is safe, effective and made to fit around your lifestyle, emphasising a primarily cosmetic correction of your smile. These braces are made for comfort and discretion so you shouldn’t feel any pain whilst wearing them. As your teeth are moving into their desired position your gums may feel some slight discomfort, but this can easily be managed through over-the-counter pain medication.

Take a look at this patients’ transformation after Six Month Smiles® treatment

Before orthodontic treatment showing gappy and crooked teeth
After orthodontics picture showing straight, clean teeth

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