Brighten and whiten your smile with teeth whitening in Essex

At Lister House Dental Centre, we offer a combination of in-practice laser teeth whitening and take-home professional tooth whitening kits.

Teeth whitening is quickly becoming a cost-effective, quick way to enhance the natural aesthetics of your smile. Using either in-practice laser teeth whitening or take-home whitening kits, we can help you brighten your smile to your desired shade in a matter of weeks.


Boutique Whitening teeth whitening in Essex at Lister House Dental Centre. Includes take-home professional-grade whitening syringes and tailor made trays.

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Philips Zoom! Whitening kit products

Over time, teeth are stained by food, drink and other sources, causing the natural bright, white tooth shade and enamel to become darkened. Ageing plays its part too, as can dental problems, such as root canal infections or fluorosis.

With teeth whitening in Essex at Lister House Dental Centre, following a simple initial consultation, you can access a tailor-made tooth whitening treatment that is suitable for most patients. The products we use are only available via a GDC-registered dentist and deliver amazing results.

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Make Lister House Dental Centre your Essex dentist of choice for leading teeth whitening treatment.

At Lister House Dental Centre, we use the world renowned Philips ZOOM! teeth whitening system, which is only available via your dentist and will always give the best possible results using safe, tried and tested products.

If you want whiter teeth, fast, we can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades in just one 45-minute session with the Philips ZOOM! in-surgery laser whitening treatment. In addition to this, we offer patients a variety of take-home teeth whitening kits, including options you wear at night or during the day – each delivering effective whitening results to match your lifestyle.

How it works

Whichever teeth whitening treatment you prefer, you will need to have your dental impressions taken, in order to create custom bespoke bleaching trays that fit precisely over your teeth.

This allows us to ensure your whitening bleaching gel effectively covers your teeth without reaching your gums. Our prescription bleaching gel offers a much higher strength of active ingredient than anything you can buy over the counter, so it’s not only safe to use, but is guaranteed to deliver the results you want.

After your whitening treatment is complete, we will advise you on how you can retain your gleaming smile for as long as possible, through a combination of regular hygiene visits and top-up treatments using your made-to-measure trays.

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Choose professional teeth whitening from qualified dentists

You should never let anyone who’s not a fully-qualified dental professional touch your teeth, and that includes to whiten them! There are a lot of ‘high-street cowboys’ out there offering cheap whitening, but the results can be disastrous and dangers range from increased sensitivity to burning your mouth and throat! When done professionally, teeth whitening in Essex is completely safe.

At Lister House Dental Centre, we’ll assess the health of your teeth and gums fully and only recommend teeth whitening if you are a suitable candidate.


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