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For some people, the length of time traditional orthodontic treatment takes and the thought of wearing metal braces deters them from having treatment. Now a new technique known as short-term orthodontics is the perfect solution for patients requiring minor tooth realignment, who want a fast solution.

Short-term orthodontics is an advanced technique, which uses clear brackets and almost invisible wires or clear plastic retainers, depending on the individual case, to gently move misaligned teeth to their desired position.

If you’re looking for teeth straightening in Essex then look no further than Lister House Dental Centre. With our short-term orthodontic systems, we can gently move your teeth into the desired position using discreet clear brackets, almost-invisible wires or custom-made clear retainers. We’ll recommend the system that best suits your needs and budget.

The appliances themselves are almost invisible, meaning that this is a perfect treatment to correct slight overcrowding, or for those who have previously had orthodontic treatment but whose teeth have moved back over time. Best of all, short-term ortho is usually completed in around 6 months, depending on the case – around a third of the time taken for traditional orthodontic treatment.

Short-term orthodontics is not appropriate for everyone, which is why we assess each patient individually to see if you are suitable. During this assessment we will discuss which options are best for your orthodontic needs.

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The clear, removable aligners – designed to match your lifestyle.

A close up image of mouth and teeth with Invisalign clear aligners fitted to the smiling patient

Would you like straighter teeth in Essex, but the thought of wearing visible braces on your teeth put you off? We have a solution: Invisalign®.

Invisalign® clear aligners are great for people who want to have straight teeth but can’t bear the thought of having unsightly fixed metal braces. Invisalign® is one of the most discreet treatment options available today for straightening your teeth. Invisalign® works by using a series of invisible, removable and comfortable plastic acrylic aligners that no one will be able to tell you’re wearing. That’s because the clear plastic material they are made out of is virtually invisible.

The Invisalign® aligners are custom made for your teeth from an impression we’ll take at your initial consultation. Each set of aligners must be worn for approximately two-to-three weeks. After each two-to-three-week period we will give you a new set of Invisalign® aligners to encourage your teeth to move further. Each set of aligners builds on the work the previous set has done to gently bring your teeth into their new, straighter position.

Is Invisalign right for me?

Invisalign can help with a wide range of orthodontic problems, but the best way to find out how it can help you is to book in for a consultation. We’ll be able to discuss your options and answer all your questions.

Can I eat and drink with my aligners on?

You can drink cold, clear liquids while wearing the Invisalign aligners, but you will remove them for eating. One advantage that our patients report is that this makes them less likely to snack throughout the day – and more likely to stick to their diets!

Will Invisalign affect my speech?

No, it shouldn’t. Invisalign aligners are not like retainers and do not cover the palette. You may experience a short adaptation period when you first start wearing them, but you will adapt quickly. After all, Invisalign is designed to be worn all the time – including during important work presentations!

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For straighter teeth in Essex quickly, Six Month Smiles® is the perfect solution.

Six Month Smiles braces fitted to smiling patient

Six Month Smiles® is a unique brace system that uses clear brackets to gently straighten and align just the teeth that show when you smile in six months. If you’re looking straight teeth quickly in Essex, Six Month Smiles could be the ideal solution.

Six Month Smiles is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces solution that fits around your lifestyle. This system uses tried-and-tested orthodontic mechanics, but the emphasis is on the cosmetic appearance of your smile rather than the position of your bite or teeth.

How can Six Month Smiles work so quickly?

Because it only focuses on the front ‘smiling teeth’, and due to the special design of the braces, they are able to effectively move your teeth in record time. Treatment may take slightly longer, depending on your case, but most finish in between 2-9 months.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, you shouldn’t feel any pain while wearing the braces. When your teeth are moving, your gums might feel little sore, but this can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Can Six Month Smiles improve my bite?

Maybe. Your individual case will have to be assessed by one of our experienced dentists and we will advise you on the best treatment for your smile.

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