For your teeth to be healthy, your gums must also be kept in top shape. Regular visits to the dental hygienist will keep your smile in excellent condition and ensure early signs of gum disease are spotted and stopped in their tracks.

Dental hygiene appointments in Essex

Plaque and tartar offer perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive in and will cause gum irritation and bleeding if left to flourish on your teeth. Eventually, unresolved gum disease will result in infection and may cause the teeth to become loose. Regular and professional removal of plaque and harmful bacteria is essential to keep your smile shining for longer.

AirFlow Jet Polishing at Lister House Dental Centre

The dental hygienists at Lister House Dental Centre use state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. AirFlow Jet Polishing is one such technique that blasts damaging plaque and stubborn stains away from the surface of your teeth and from deep below the gum line.

AirFlow Jet Polishing offers:

  • A deeper and more comprehensive clean
  • A fresher and brighter result
  • A comfortable alternative to traditional ‘scale and polish’ procedures
  • A gentler clean for those with sensitive teeth
  • A faster and more pleasant experience in the dentists’ chair

­Wondering how AirFlow polishing works?

The AirFlow jet polish system uses a combination of water, air and very fine bicarbonate powder in a focused and high-powered stream to blast through plaque and tartar. This procedure is pain-free and less intrusive than traditional methods. AirFlow polishing can even help those who suffer with sensitive teeth as the fine particles within the jet stream fill in the gaps in the tooth’s dentine which cause the sensitivity!

Take your oral hygiene to the next level with AirFlow polishing treatment at Lister House Dental Centre. For a deeper and gentler clean, book your next hygiene appointment by phoning our reception on 01279 423521/430101.