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Below you will find our fee guide, please note that these fees are meant as a guide price, fees may vary after your initial consultation subject to your own personal treatment plan.


At Lister House Dental Centre we accommodate for patients requiring urgent attention i.e. severe dental pain, swollen face, dental abscess, trauma, broken tooth; at the start of the morning and afternoon clinic hours 5 days a week. We must advise however that the waiting time to be seen may be up to 3 hours due to dentists having to prioritise patients with appointments already booked. At the moment we do not have an out of hours service to accommodate for urgent dental concerns, however if you need urgent attention, we recommend that you call 02082457575 to access emergency dental services. If you are unable to get in contact please call NHS 111 for self care advice at the very least. The accident and emergency service at the local hospital, Princess Alexandra, will be the best port of call if you:

Are in severe dental pain not being eased by painkillers

Are bleeding non-stop from mouth (i.e. tooth extraction site)

Have trauma of the face/mouth/teeth after a recent accident/ injury

Please choose which fees you would like to view:

  • Consultations & Hygiene Appointments
    New patient consultation (including x-rays)


    Individual x-rays


    Cosmetic clean (thorough plaque/stain debridement and use of prophy jet polish)

    from £48.00

  • White Fillings
    Single surface (small)

    from £75.00

    2 surfaces (medium)

    from £100.00

    3 surfaces (large)

    from £125.00

  • Crowns
    Porcelain bonded to metal

    from £400.00

    All ceramic (metal free)

    from £500.00


    from £440.00

    Gold crown

    from £500.00

    Gold inlay

    from £450.00

    Resin inlay

    from £350.00

    Recement crown

    from £60.00

    Recement adhesive bridge/porcelain veneer

    from £100.00

    Lab made post + core (metal)

    from £100.00

    Chairside resin post + core

    from £125.00

  • Bridges
    Maryland bridge (resin-retained)

    from £600.00

    2 unit conventional bridge (per unit)

    from £800.00

    Extra units

    from £400.00

    Nylon removable bridge

    from £500.00

    Extra units

    from £125.00

  • Root Canal Treatment (with special interest endodontist)


    Incisor teeth

    from £345.00

    Premolar teeth

    from £445.00

    Molar teeth

    from £545.00

  • Minor Oral Surgery

    from £100.00

    Surgical extractions

    from £125.00

  • Dentures (fee per denture)
    Standard (acrylic) complete denture

    from £600.00

    Full set of complete dentures

    from £1,200.00

    Standard (acrylic) partial denture

    from £550.00

    Valplast (2-3 teeth replacing)

    from £700.00

    Valplast (>3 teeth replacing)

    from £900.00

    Colbalt chrome denture

    from £950.00

  • Teeth Whitening
    Zoom laser teeth whitening


    Home teeth whitening


    Home top-up kit from (per whitening gel syringe) + consultation + review


  • Orthodontics


    Single arch fixed appliance

    from £2,000.00

    Dual arch fixed appliance

    from £3,000.00

    ARP repositioning per tray


    Inman aligner

    from £1,500.00

    Removable appliances

    from £800.00

    Essix retainer

    from £100.00

    Bonded retainer

    from £200.00

  • Facial Aesthetics
    Per area


    Per additional area


  • Implants


    Single unit implant

    from £2,500.00

    Complete implant overdenture per arch (dependant on number of implants)

    from £6,000.00

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